Friday, 16 May 2014

Update on my travels!

Ok so I haven't updated much but I have been busy saving to pay things off lol so since booking the main flights since then I've booked 

a flight in Thailand to Phuket and then back to Bangkok so I can do the islands that is a must in Thailand yay :) I've also booked an 8 day trip to Chaing mai that includes everything I need all that time so the whole of Thailand is covered I've also booked my first 2 nights in Bangkok. 

In Australia I have sorted my visa nice and cheap too got it on sale from STA at £7 that's a £7 saving to spend on something else :) I also have 3 nights acomodation sorted and paid for in Sydney at the wake up Sydney! Hostel. I've only sorted 3 nights as I really want to go to Melbourne for a few days so I can go to Philip Island to see the penguins :) I'll tel you know how that goes. 

Ok so I have lots of plans in america that are going to take a lot of time and money but so far I've sorted my flight from LA to Los Vegas and my first 3 nights in a hostel in LA but I also want to go to San diago whilst I'm in LA and need to sort how to get from Los Vegas to San Fran. I made a bubu and picked the cheapest flight with the wrong date so I'll be in LA 9 days 3 days Los Vegas and 4 days in San Fran :/ and I wanted it to be all even and similar days in each oh well lol. 

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